About Us


Ever wanted to tell the world how proud you are of your country but decided that bringing a flag to wave around wherever you go is just way too much? Well, good thing you can now say it with a t-shirt! Proud Arabia is integrating fashion, comfort, and pride with every t-shirt that we offer. Made from high quality material and available at very affordable prices, you’ll surely get the best among the best. Proud Arabia is here to bring you t-shirts that would help you showcase your Arabian pride. Based in Abu Dhabi, Proud Arabia is dedicated to bringing you t-shirts that speak from the heart. Whether it’s professing your love for shawarma, your favorite Arab slang, or even a touristy saying, we’ve got those words written down on t-shirts that you can sport wherever and whenever you want!


Experience maximum comfort as you wear Proud Arabia shirts and sweatshirts as each of these are customized and designed to fit your body composition perfectly and comfortably. Be confident and show your Arab pride with predesigned messages created by the amazing young minds of our design team. Let the whole world see your style as you take photos with Proud Arabia’s highly Instagrammable shirts and sweatshirts. Our shirts are available for unisex for all sizes so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a thin, fit, or plus sized person, or even if you are a fashionable guy or a gorgeously gal or someone who just wants amazingly good looking shirts – we have shirts to fulfill your stylish desires.


If shirts and sweatshirts aren’t your thing, at Proud Arabia we also have cool and funky looking posters that you can hang on your room to inspire the creativity hidden within you! If you ever feel a bit lonely and lost, all it takes is a dash of quirkiness and happiness by having a quick glance at some of our best posters to get rid of the doom and gloom. Hang a lot of Proud Arabia posters in one of your walls at home and surprise your guests much to their delight as they get to see your very own creative wall! Take advantage of the variety of poster designs – mix and match the messages each poster has to fit your needs and feast your eyes (and your visitor’s eyes) on the sheer creativity seen in each of the posters you buy from Proud Arabia.


What separates Proud Arabia from the rest of the fashion brands is its unique style and flair for everything Arab. From defining the best qualities of each Arab country to highlighting each of the unique expressions that only Arab minds will get – Proud Arabia sends out the statement that will spark conversations of like-minded Arab individuals. Proud Arabia veers away from the usual brick-and-mortar shops and has adopted an automated online t-shirt store from making t-shirt orders to the delivery of the products. And if you want to hear the best part, we ship worldwide! No geographical boundaries can stop you from wearing your identity with pride.